ProClear™ Coating Stations of Valco Melton Spain


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Description of the Product

Achieve uniform and streak-free coatings using Valco Melton's ProClear Coating Stations. Featuring rotating bar technology, the system is ideal for clear-to-clear applications, master roll transparent labels and flexible packaging. For the most common coating application processes, this station is available in three standard options. Alternatively, it can be configured or customized to meet each user's specific requirements. Other features include: 
  • Available in 3 standard configurations based on the integrated coating head requirements: FlexClear, EPR or MB.
  • Station can be constructed as a permanent fixture on an existing coating machine, or as a fully mobile cart to upgrade an existing line with hot melt capabilities.
  • Rotating bar technology prevents even the smallest contaminants from becoming trapped between the die and the substrate and eliminates the risk of scratches or damage on the coating surface.

Price of the Product

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