ROBOTIC WELDING OF METALS of MS technik spol. s r.o.


Description of the Service

MS Technik s.r.o. Šenov u Nového Jičína - modern tool shop, metal press shop. We also offer ROBOTIC WELDING OF METALS.

For robotic metal welding we use welding robots Motoman and Panasonic, we weld smaller weldments and larger series. Robotic welding complements the standard welding methods MIG, MAG, TIG.

We robot weld steel parts, stainless steel parts. The production of robot-welded parts is certified according to ISO 9001: 2016, our customers include important engineering companies, and we also supply welded parts to the automotive industry.

Do not hesitate to contact us with a demand for the production of robot-welded parts, we offer quality, precision, short delivery times and competitive prices. More information about robotic metal welding can be found at

Price of the Service

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