1)K1-CURE SCALING TOENR l Professional Scalp care of KARASADAE CO.,LTD


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Technical Details

Powerful Deep Pore Cleansing of Man and Women. This highly K1-CURE Scaling Toner improves Pore of Scalp condition with consistent use. Can be used with other hair loss treatments. K1-CURE Scaling Toner Detoxicates and Eliminating Dandruff and Itching.

Contains AHA, Betaine, I-Menthol, Lemon Extraction shown to aid prevent dandruff. Upgrade Pore tighten with DOUBLE Cleansing.

Spray all over the Scalp, 5 - 20 mins before go to Shampoo.

Description of the Product

1. K1-CURE Scaling Toner
[Venture Innovative Governmental Service Procurements ]
[Hi Seoul Best Idea Product]

· Eliminates chemical residues, deadskin on pore by AHA extracts
· Emit the heat of scalp and troubles
· Relieving stress and exfoliating dandruff

· 5 -20 mins Before shower, spray whole head with gentle massage → Shampoo

※  Seborrheic Dermatitis optimal results attained with 5 mins daily use  
※ Normal type 2~3 times a week
※ Dry type 1 a week