BLUEFOAM® of Mayser GmbH & Co. KG


Description of the Product

MAYSER BLUEFOAM® is an innovative, non-yellowing and UV-resistant polyurethane foam. It is ideal for use in the clothing and footwear industry as well as in technical products.

Price of the Product

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Characteristics of the Product

  • Brand BLUEFOAM®

Technical Details

  • Automotive
  • Industry

  • Excellent colour-fastness (grade 7 in XENON test)
  • Micro-porous, breathable cellular structure
  • Variably configurable product properties such as elasticity and hardness, colour and surface finish as well as washability.
  • As early as the foaming stage of MAYSER BLUEFOAM®, we can integrate effective substances and additives, e.g. aroma substances or active carbon for odour absorption.

Category of the Product