Capacitive sensors of Mayser GmbH & Co. KG


Description of the Product

The capacitive system, also called non-touch detection system, acts as a predictive impact protection in public transport. It is a convenience function integrated directly on the main closing edge of Mayser finger protection profiles. 

The non-touch detection system only reacts to movements in the immediate critical area of the sensor, along the main closing edge. This distinguishes it from light curtains or scanners whose detection fields cover complete entrance areas. Another advantage is that the system is not susceptible to water. Unwanted detection is therefore not caused by rain or snowfall, nor by extraneous light or dust.

Price of the Product

Price on request

Technical Details

  • Railway carriage doors
  • car doors that close automatically
  • Public Transport
  • Not subject to ageing
  • Maintenance-free
  • Highly tamper-proof
  • Weatherproof