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fortell s.r.o.

fortell s.r.o.

Company fortell s.r.o. (Ltd.) is active in the fields of moulding of plastic parts, stamping of metal parts and manufacturing of injection moulds for plastics. Established in 1995 as a technical design office. The company has expanded over the years, setting up its own stamping department, tool shop and moulding department. In 2008 we moved into our current state-of-the-art production facility and in 2016 we completed building of new assembly and storage hall. The total area of the company increased to 8.300 sqm. Currently we employ more than 200 people. The biggest advantage we offer is in being able to provide all services under one roof. We can help our customers with product development, in-house mould design, mould-making in the tool shop and mass-production of plastic and metal components in our moulding and stamping departments. We have a well-coordinated team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who represent the finest Czech engineering traditions. We supply a range of custom-made products to many high profile companies across several sectors (electrical, automotive, consumer goods and medical equipment industries) located all across Europe, Latin America, USA and Japan. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES INJECTION MOLDS: injection molds for plastics injection, molds for plastics pressing, molds for pressure casting of zinc alloys, single and multiple use molds for plastics, molds for metallic inserts, multipress molds, molds for thin-walled pressed parts TOOLS FOR SHEET METAL FORMING: progressive shearing tools, combined tools for pressing and forming of metals, bending tools INJECTION OF PLASTICS: cold pressing of plastics, injection of thermoplastics, plastic pressed parts for the automotive industry, plastic pressed parts for electrical engineering, plastic injection parts for consumer industry, injection of cables and metallic components METAL PRESSING: - precision metal stamping - eccentric pressing of metals - pressing of stainless steel parts - precision stampings from bronze, copper, aluminum - aluminum extrusions - precision stampings for the automotive industry - surface treatment of moldings, tumbling - Copper metal stampings for the electrical industry

Supplier of:

  • Plastic products, for the automotive industry
  • Mouldings, plastic, for the motor vehicle industry
  • Plastic components for the motor vehicle industry...
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