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Bearings and pillow blocks, mechanical
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alstertaler schrauben & präzisionsteile lothar mewes gmbh

alstertaler schrauben & präzisionsteile lothar mewes gmbh

Turned parts; milling parts; stamped parts; fastener technology; screws; nuts; discs; pins; dowels; automatically turned parts; punched bent parts; cutting-ring tube joints; screws, metal, for the motor vehicle industry; steel screws, self-tapping, for concrete; screws / head screws, metal, hexagonal, non-turned; sheet metal screws, non-turned; ring nuts, metal; head bolt plugs for stud welding; thumb nuts, metal, non-turned; pins, ball, metal; studs, metal, stand-off; ball discs, metal; nuts, metal, hexagonal, non-turned; tee nuts, metal; screw retensions, metal; ball heads, metal; threaded sleeves; turned parts, metal and non-ferrous metal, screw machined; turned parts, metal; screw machined, to drawings; long turned parts, metal; short turned parts, metal; insert nuts, metal; bearing bushes, metal; round nuts, rilled holes in one face, metal, turned; screws, metal, hexagonal, turned; sheet metal screws, turned; screws, metal, capstan; nuts, metal, ball, turned; milling parts, metal, to drawings; milling parts, plastic; turning services, computer numerically controlled (CNC); milling services computer numerically controlled (CNC); special screws; inch screws; waisted shank screws; stud bolts; turnery; parts to drawings; precision turned parts; titanium screws; screws. Studbolts, stud bolts for the petrochemical industry.

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  • Fasteners and fixing devices, metal, industrial
  • Fasteners, titanium
  • Fasteners, industrial, high grade alloys...
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