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climber wheels, drive wheel press-on tyres, drive wheels, guiding wheels, hose pulleys, idler wheels, load wheels (also with brakes), pallet rollers (also bogie fork wheels/tandem load heels), press-on tyres, running wheels, special wheels, stabilising press-on tyre wheels, stabilising wheels, stabilising castors (also spring-loaded), steer wheels, twin wheel castors, wheels for wheel hub drives guiding rollers for EMS and lifts, drive wheels for stair lifts; wheels for pallet accumulating conveyors, container carts, transport trolleys, etc.; electrically conductive wheels and castors; drive wheels and load wheels for EMS, lifters, storage and retrieval machines, rotary tables, AGVs, etc.; press-on tyres; castors for AGVs, push skid systems, etc.; grooved wheels for rail-guided applications, also with flange; polyurethane coating of steel cores for conveyor rollers; conveyor rollers, flanged wheels, grooved wheels; plastic and metal skate wheels for skatewheel conveyors, ball units; special wheels and special castors (incl. chain transmission wheels, high-speed wheels, tapered heavy-duty wheels, heavy-duty stage swivels (triple swivel castors), swivel castors with alternating offset); special wheel materials (different Shore hardnesses, fibre-glass reinforced PE·VO·LON®, high heat-resistant materials, treads with profile, hydrolysis-stabilised VULKOLLAN® wheel treads) drive wheels, load wheels, running wheels, idler wheels, guiding wheels, stabilising wheels, pipe rollers, pipeline rollers, pipe support rollers, polyurethane v-rollers, replacment wheels for mecanum wheels, institutional wheels, institutional castors, industrial castors, stainless steel castors; electrically conductive wheels and castors; heavy-duty wheels and castors; custom-built wheels and castors for mechanical and plant engineering and construction up to 20 t load capacity Manufacturer of wheels, institutional castors, industrial castors, heavy-duty castors (swivel castors and fixed/rigid castors, twin wheel castors, triple swivel castors), press-on tyres, pallet rollers, drive wheels, load wheels, idler wheels, running wheels, stabilising wheels, stabilising castors, flanged and grooved wheels (single flanged wheels, double-flanged wheels), guiding wheels, guiding rollers, electrically conductive wheels and castors, and stainless steel castors made of the polyurethanes VULKOLLAN®*, VULKOSOFT®, VULKOLLAN®-ELF, VULKOLLAN® quartz, TRACTOTHAN®, TRACTOSOFT®, VULKODYN®, PEVODYN®, PEVODYN®-SOFT, PEVOPUR®, PEVOSOFT®, the polyamides PE·VO·LON® and PE·VO·LON-ELF, the thermoplastic polyurethanes PEVOTHAN® and PEVOTHAN®-ELF, as well as PEVOLASTIC® and solid rubber for industrial trucks/warehouse equipment, materials handling, in-plant transportation, mechanical and plant engineering, sewage plant technology, waste treatment, wind energy, special vehicles, cleaning equipment, laundry technology, elevators and escalators, tunnelling, pipeline construction, mining transport technology, stage technology, event technology, amusement park rides and roller coasters, as well as the design of custom solutions for different areas of application according to sample, drawing, or specification VULKOLLAN® - registered trademark of Bayer AG, Leverkussen; all others: registered trademarks of RAEDER-VOGEL® heavy-duty castors, electrically conductive wheels, electrically conductive castors, stainless steel castors, drum idler wheels, hydrolysis-stabilised castors, hydrolysis-stabilised wheels, beveled wheels

  • Wheels and castors for vehicles
  • Wheels, cast iron
  • Wheels, steel...



Modern production technology requires compressed air. Depending on the application, the requirements range from dry and oil-free to absolutely sterile. BEKO TECHNOLOGIES offers the right processing technology for every compressed air quality. For more than three decades, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES has stood for products, systems and solutions that ensure the desired compressed air quality in its customers' production processes and make them more efficient. Condensate Technology Condensate Drains Oil-Water Separators Emulsion Splitting Compressed Air Filtration Filters High Pressure Filters Steam- and Sterile Filters Compressed Air Dryers Adsorption Dryers Refrigeration Dryers Membrane Dryers Measurement Datalogging Sensor Technology Monitoring Process Technology Catalytic converter Active-Carbon-Adsorber Compressed-Air-Chiller Now, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES offers a complete program for all tasks related to the processing of compressed air. Expert advice and a qualified service are a trademark of the independent and family-owned company. With more than 500 employees worldwide, four manufacturing plants in Germany, India, China and the USA, and a customer-oriented sales organisation, the company group is a major impetus on the international market for compressed-air and compressed-gas technology. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Condensate technology, steam traps, oil-water separators, demulsifiers, compressed air filters, filters, high pressure, sterile & steam filters, compressed air dryers, adsorption dryers, refrigeration dryers, membrane dryers, measurement technology, data logging, sensor technology, monitoring, process technology, catalysis technology, activated carbon adsorbers, compressed air coolers

  • Separators for the chemical industry
  • Chemical industry plant and equipment
  • Separators, oily water...

HOMA Pumpenfabrik GmbH

HOMA Pumpenfabrik GmbH

Local roots - active Worldwide for two generations the culture of the family business HOMA is based on clear objectives and structures. The beginning of the success story of the HOMA Pumpenfabrik GmbH is already over 70 years ago. In 1946, Hans Hoffmann founds a workshop for the repair of electric motors with a manageable number of employees. On the Basis of his Knowledge of electric motors Senior chief Hans Hoffmann makes a decision that shapes the company today. Specializing in the development and production of submersible pumps. Out of personal commitment, innovation and a consistent orientation at the expectations of our customer, a globally operating, medium-sized industry has grown to today's company. Around 60 offices and representations worldwide, our pumps and systems are sold. The aggregates are eingesetzt with a focus on building drainage, construction and surface drainage, as well as municipal and industrial water disposal and treatment. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Self-priming pumps, acid pumps, dirty water pumps, submersible pumps, Baupumpen, slurry pumps, condensate pumps, centrifugal pumps, special pumps, water pumps, sewage pumps, control devices for pumps, pool cleaning systems, agitators, propellers, pumps, Abrasion sewage pump, air valve, irrigation pump, borehole pump, Coriolis force, torque, flow/volume flow drainage pump sewage lifting stations-Free passage of the lifting unit-high pressure pump motor bearing cooling wet well installation, pump test facility propeller pumps agitator float switch dirty water pump submersible motor pump for dry installation efficiency volume flow /flow Industrie and waste water systems: Submersible sewage pumps Stainless steel pumps for aggressive liquids Sewage pumps with cutter system Packaged pump stations Submersible mixers and flow generators Tank cleaning systems Pit flushing valves Propeller pumps Pump control and automation systems Building services engineering: Drainage pumps Pumps for abrasive liquids Flut-Set - Flood Emergency Kit Submersible clean water pumps Submersible pumps for chemically aggressive drainage water Stainless steel pumps for aggressive liquids Submersible sewage pumps Sewage pumps with cutter system Packaged pump stations Lifting units for chemically aggressive drainage water Lifting units for drainage water Waste water lifting stations Self priming pumps & booster sets Pump control and automation systems All international locations click here

  • Pumps NES
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  • Pumps, stainless steel...
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