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Antalis Verpackungen GmbH

Antalis Verpackungen GmbH

They're looking for packaging. But you don't need just any solution - you can get it anywhere. You need a concept that fits your product, your processes and your individual requirements. And you've come to the right place. We do not supply you with off-the-shelf packaging solutions, but with complete concepts that have it all. When it comes to packaging, the decisive question is not "How big and heavy is your product? But: "Which topics do you really deal with? What do the processes in your company look like, what challenges do you face and what are your very own wishes? We support you with your personal topics and offer you solutions for Individual packaging / protective packaging Automated filling and cushioning systems Made-to-measure transport containers for land, air and oversea Safe protection against rust and corrosion Packing and protecting with paper Protection against dirt, oil and moisture Strapping, gluing, stapling - Closing cartons Load and load unit securing Packaging machines and mailroom equipment Food packages We are the supply chain optimizers for your packaging mission. Our packaging professionals and engineers think, find and develop the best ideas in networked cooperation with our ten specialized product teams with an extensive service portfolio and three own development sites. Together with our experienced partner network, we deliver lean and efficient product/concept and service solutions. With our 9 locations in Germany, we are where you need us. For your personal success, we coordinate the entire market competence from a single source in a team. Promised. We work for your success. With heart, brain and a lot of enthusiasm. We look forward to working with you personally. Packing greetings from Team Antalis Verpackungen Bags, paperboard and cardboard Packagings, cardboard, environmentally acceptable

  • Coated and laminated paper and board
  • Paper and board
  • Paper rolls, non-printed, multi-ply...



climber wheels, drive wheel press-on tyres, drive wheels, guiding wheels, hose pulleys, idler wheels, load wheels (also with brakes), pallet rollers (also bogie fork wheels/tandem load heels), press-on tyres, running wheels, special wheels, stabilising press-on tyre wheels, stabilising wheels, stabilising castors (also spring-loaded), steer wheels, twin wheel castors, wheels for wheel hub drives guiding rollers for EMS and lifts, drive wheels for stair lifts; wheels for pallet accumulating conveyors, container carts, transport trolleys, etc.; electrically conductive wheels and castors; drive wheels and load wheels for EMS, lifters, storage and retrieval machines, rotary tables, AGVs, etc.; press-on tyres; castors for AGVs, push skid systems, etc.; grooved wheels for rail-guided applications, also with flange; polyurethane coating of steel cores for conveyor rollers; conveyor rollers, flanged wheels, grooved wheels; plastic and metal skate wheels for skatewheel conveyors, ball units; special wheels and special castors (incl. chain transmission wheels, high-speed wheels, tapered heavy-duty wheels, heavy-duty stage swivels (triple swivel castors), swivel castors with alternating offset); special wheel materials (different Shore hardnesses, fibre-glass reinforced PE·VO·LON®, high heat-resistant materials, treads with profile, hydrolysis-stabilised VULKOLLAN® wheel treads) drive wheels, load wheels, running wheels, idler wheels, guiding wheels, stabilising wheels, pipe rollers, pipeline rollers, pipe support rollers, polyurethane v-rollers, replacment wheels for mecanum wheels, institutional wheels, institutional castors, industrial castors, stainless steel castors; electrically conductive wheels and castors; heavy-duty wheels and castors; custom-built wheels and castors for mechanical and plant engineering and construction up to 20 t load capacity Manufacturer of wheels, institutional castors, industrial castors, heavy-duty castors (swivel castors and fixed/rigid castors, twin wheel castors, triple swivel castors), press-on tyres, pallet rollers, drive wheels, load wheels, idler wheels, running wheels, stabilising wheels, stabilising castors, flanged and grooved wheels (single flanged wheels, double-flanged wheels), guiding wheels, guiding rollers, electrically conductive wheels and castors, and stainless steel castors made of the polyurethanes VULKOLLAN®*, VULKOSOFT®, VULKOLLAN®-ELF, VULKOLLAN® quartz, TRACTOTHAN®, TRACTOSOFT®, VULKODYN®, PEVODYN®, PEVODYN®-SOFT, PEVOPUR®, PEVOSOFT®, the polyamides PE·VO·LON® and PE·VO·LON-ELF, the thermoplastic polyurethanes PEVOTHAN® and PEVOTHAN®-ELF, as well as PEVOLASTIC® and solid rubber for industrial trucks/warehouse equipment, materials handling, in-plant transportation, mechanical and plant engineering, sewage plant technology, waste treatment, wind energy, special vehicles, cleaning equipment, laundry technology, elevators and escalators, tunnelling, pipeline construction, mining transport technology, stage technology, event technology, amusement park rides and roller coasters, as well as the design of custom solutions for different areas of application according to sample, drawing, or specification VULKOLLAN® - registered trademark of Bayer AG, Leverkussen; all others: registered trademarks of RAEDER-VOGEL® heavy-duty castors, electrically conductive wheels, electrically conductive castors, stainless steel castors, drum idler wheels, hydrolysis-stabilised castors, hydrolysis-stabilised wheels, beveled wheels

  • Wheels and castors for vehicles
  • Wheels, cast iron
  • Wheels, steel...

COFERMIN Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG

COFERMIN Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG

Cofermin Chemicals as a member of the international COFERMIN Group concentrates core competences in the following main production lines of the group: 1) Chromium Oxide and other metal oxides, such as Cobalt oxide, Titanium Dioxide and Zinc oxide 2) Corrosion inhibitors / metal passivators, such as Benzotriazole, Tolyltriazole and Benzimidazole 3) Fluorine products, such as Cryolite synth. and Fluorspar3) Rare earths, such as Cerium oxide, Dysprosium oxide, Erbium oxide, Neodymium oxide and Yttrium oxide 4) Boric Acid 5) Lithium chemicals such as Lithium carbonate and Lithium hydroxide 6) Silver products such as Silver nitrate, Silver sulfate, Silver cyanide and Potassium silver cyanide 7) Sodiumbenzoate and Benzoic acid 8) Molybdates, such as Sodium molybdate and Ammonium molybdate 9) technical Castor oil sulfonates, such as Turkey red oil, Rapeseed oil sufonate, Fish Oil and Glycerol trioleate 10) technical Nitrates, such as Potassium nitrate and Sodium nitrate 11) Persulfates, such as Sodiumpersulfate and Ammonium Persulfate 12) Fertilizers, such as Magnosiet K 17 (Sulfur-Magnesium fertilizer) 13) Biosticks = Papersticks : lollipop sticks and cotton bud sticks made from paper 14) Carbon Black 15) Potassium carbonate (caustic potash) 16) Calciumformate 17) Pentaerythritol 18) Polyvinyl alcohol 19) Chemical Catalysts, such as Palladium chloride, Palladium nitrate, Chlorplatinic acid, Rhodium chloride, Rhodium nitrateThrough our international presence, including in Moscow, Katowice, Tianjin and Tokyo, we are meeting the importance of the growing markets in Asia, the CIS and the new EU countries. Together with our broad network of offices, representatives and local agents in nine other countries, our 40 employees in the headquarter in Essen provide over 600 years of experience in the chemical industry. Since 2016 COFERMIN is owner of the FOREIGN ECONOMICS AWARD

  • Chromium compounds
  • Chromium oxides
  • Anti-corrosion products...

ALBERT EGER GmbH & Co. KG (Papierhülsen - Kombidosen)

ALBERT EGER GmbH & Co. KG (Papierhülsen - Kombidosen)

Founded in 1885, ALBERT EGER started out small and now belong to the most important manufacturers of paper tubes and cores in Germany. About 100 employees ensure, by making use of the most modern manufacturing technology, that our product range is just as diversified as your requirements. ALBERT EGER deliver their products to customers all over the world. Firework sleeves, paper sleeves, bushings, filter sleeves and bobbin cores, plugs and caps, protective, paper It doesn’t matter what the purpose is – with us you get the paper cores that match your products. Whether shipping tubes or paper cores, sales packaging for food or cosmetics, insulating or covering cores, gift packaging or firework rockets – with EGER you get the paper cores to match your requirements. Large batches or individually manufactured small batches can be produced at our Winnenden site. On offer are paper cores in numerous sizes and types, for all industries and almost all usages, and always in outstanding quality. This is because ALBERT EGER stand for competence due to experience, customer proximity, flexibility, and reliability. Our customers appreciate that - well-known brand manufacturers and companies, as well as regional medium-sized companies. Our ServicesAdvertising material & sales packagingPaper coresIndustrial applicationsSpecial applicationsPyrotechnics / Fireworks

  • Paper and cardboard tubes
  • Tubes, paper or fibreboard
  • Tubes, paper or fibreboard, wound...
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