Dust Remover_I'm Free From Dust Massager Cream of CNKCOSMEDICAL CO., LTD.


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Technical Details

Power of cleansing fine dust increased by 234% after using a remover. And power of cleansing wastes in pores increased by 92.5 times. This remover is a product that can be freely used for those who have sensitive skin or whole family members. We proceeded with skin irritation test and it was officially passed. It proved that there are no things that irritates the skin. 

It makes the skin moist with patented ingredients, BLUE COMPLEX, SKINPIA 10.
And it maximizes the effects by using Marchen's own technology(Patented No. 10-0460447) and helping to get cream absorbed into the skin.

Category of the Product

Description of the Product

Dust Remover Cream that gets invisible dirt and find dust clear! 

This product focused on the fact that users can remove fine dust left even after washing the face. 

Users can visually check fine dust which has different colors just after using a remover. Yellow shows that there are a lot of sulfates. For black or green, they mean that there are lots of organic carbons.