Marchen Whitening Spot Treatment Serum of CNKCOSMEDICAL CO., LTD.


Description of the Product

1. Helping to ease blemishes and imperfections under the eyes
2. Helping to ease blemishes and imperfections around the cheek and it's bone
3. Helping to ease Melanin that isn't visible 
4. Helping to improve elasticity
5. Helping that the skin becomes moist 
6. Helping to strengthen the skin's barrier
7. Helping to improve pigment/blemishes that were already caused
8. Helping to improve skin tone
9. Dermatologically tested

* Purified water used instead of Psidium Gujava
: Psidium Gujava with Vitamin C, B and E helps to make the skin lively. And it's Leaf prevents it from being changed.

* Alpha-Arbutin
 As one of materials which are super great for efficacy, it helps to work efficiently when Niacinamide is used toghther with it. 

* Tranexamic Acid
This is one of materials that doctors prescribes, a report says that it is excellent for improving blemishes. 

* Total Collagen Booster
Combination of Peptides helps to synthesize 5 kinds of collagens that form skin's layers and to make the whole skin smooth and elastic.

(* The very efficiency corresponds to the efficiency  and effectiveness of the raw material itself.) 

With the proper amount of it, evenly apply it.