Optical Fiber Connector of FOSTEC INC


Description of the Product

A patch cord (sometimes called a patch cable) is a length of cable with connectors on the ends that is used to connect an end device to something else, such as a power source. 
Fostec offers various kinds of patch cord such as SC, LC, FC, ST and so on. Unlike China product, Fostec is very proud of our tight quality control.

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

  • HDTV
  • Local Area Networks
  • CATV networks
  • Active device temincation
  • Data system networks
  • FTTx
Features & Benefits
  • Compliant with : IEC, JIS, Telcordia
  • Low insertion loss
  • Easy to handle
  • Safe for the enviroment
  • Customizable