3) Scribing marking systems l bench top marking machine of Jeil Mtech Co.,Ltd


Price of the Product

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Technical Details

SI-120 marked directly into the material-even the hardest steels-, the mark (text,digit, logo and 2D data matrix) is produced by a tungsten-carbide pin that penetrates and indents the surface. These scribers produce deep grooves to form continuous lines.
Scribing marking machine is selected mostly for applications when noise level limitations are imposed.
Deep marking of its marking depth is between 0.3mm upto 0.5 mm depending on the material of surface.

Description of the Product

Direct parts marking on customer workpiece. Possible to mark alphanemertic character, date, logo, 2D and QR code and lot number to all kind of metals and hardness plastic. It doesn`t make noisy during the marking. Good for VIN number marking.