galvanic surface treatment of metals, machined and pressed parts of MS technik spol. s r.o.


Description of the Service

MS Technik spol.s.r.o. offers galvanic surface treatment of metals, machined and pressed parts, metal parts. Our main focus in the field of galvanic metal surface treatment is on the quality and customer's wishes.
In the field of galvanic treatment of metals we offer:
- galvanizing - suspension technology (blue passivation, yellow chromate)
- galvanic pendant nickel plating (black passivation)
- blackening of machined parts and components

Our company emphasizes the quality of processes and delivered products. Our galvanic surface finishes of metals, stamped parts and machined parts are characterized by an exceptionally good technical level and quality.
Our galvanizing shop is certified for electroplating for the automotive industry according to EN ISO 9001 and ISO ts 16949

Do not hesitate to contact us for information on galvanic finishes, including blackening, zinc plating, nickel plating and anodizing.

Price of the Service

Price not indicated