precision steel stampings of MS technik spol. s r.o.


Description of the Product

MS TECHNIK s.r.o. - Nový Jičín - precision steel moldings

We offer precision steel moldings, stainless steel and aluminum moldings, including finishes and tumbling. We use progressive and eccentric presses from 2000 kN to 5000 kN to achieve the required quality of precision steel pressings. We offer comprehensive services, modern tool shops - from the design of pressing tools, through their production in the tool shop, to the actual pressing and delivery of final parts.

For the production of precision steel pressings we use pressing tools made in our tool shop. Stainless steel precision stampings produced by us find wide application in engineering, automotive or consumer industry. The production of pressed metal parts and stainless steel stampings is certified according to ISO 9001: 2016.

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