Tubular handle with integral safety switch of Elesa (UK) Ltd


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Description of the Product

The RH-FG16 tubular handle from Elesa enables the safety of electrical interlocking with the operator comforts of a large scale handle for opening of heavy doors or panels on “live” industrial machines such as control cabinets, machine tools, press tools, moulding equipment and similar.

Price of the Product

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Technical Details

The handle features a built-in safety switch with operator push button to deactivate equipment and enable access. Provision of this feature on the handle itself thus speeds safe opening and minimizes delay in the production cycle.
Standard fitment includes a safety and reset button installed on the tubular handle for easy operation by thumb. Further variants provide a safety button on the handle tube with emergency stop button on the handle end support. A version with safety button, reset button and emergency stop is also available.
Electrical connection is provided by 8 pin connector for wiring to external PLC or other controls.