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Abrasivos Sait España, SAIT

Producing both bonded and coated abrasives for the industrial world-wide market.

Proteccion Y Embalajes Proyem


Elektro 3, S.C.C.L.

Importer and distributor: Hardware shops: Tools, DIY, hardware, electrical material, mailboxes, TV stands, installation material, ...

Cotones Aguirrezabal

Manufacture y distribution of: Absorbent mineral fireproof and inert.Sepiolite calcined 15/30.Absorbent for liquids.Vegetable ...

Roberto Castillón

MANUFACTURE Rubber profiles for metal and PVC and building in general (windows, doors, etc.) Rubber profiles for the aircraft, naval, ...

Universal Metal-Clean

Cleaning machines and degreasing of piezasCompany specializing in the area of surface treatment, in the study, implementation and ...

Landa Trabajos y Desarrollos Ambientales


Talleres Ilsa

ACTIVITY Manufactures of kitchenware. Oil cans, nutcrackers, graters, oil strainers, oil recoverers, Lobster Cracker, plastic food ...

Branson Ultrasonidos, S.A.E., BRANSON

Comercial Química Massó, MASSO

MASSÓ SPAIN Chemical Company devoted to the distribution (logistics, commercial and technical assessment) of chemical products for the...

Instaquim (Productos de Limpieza Industrial y Profesional)

Corquimia Industrial, Corquimia

Corquimia Industrial is a company founded in 2006, that distributes chemicals specialties in south Europe and north Africa markets. ...

Maquinaria Industrial Rou


Ferretería Santa Engracia


Chemical products based on siliconeSilicone elastomers and rubber for moulding, silicone rubber,Silicone antifoaming, defoamers ...

Ventilación Y Filtración, VENFILTER

Air filters Venfilter is a Spanish company located in the city of Terrassa, framed in the sector of Air Filtration since 1992., Our ...

Faust y Kammann

Lípidos Toledo, LIPTOSA

Lípidos Toledo S.A. began in 1996 as a family business and under the guidance of a group of professionals with extensive experience in...

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