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Analizador de redes monofásico

Analizador de redes monofásico

CVM-B, Power analyzers for panel

CVM-B, Power analyzers for panel

Gestor energético - Efficiency Data Server

Gestor energético - Efficiency Data Server

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Nature Head Office
Year established 1973
Legal form Sociedad Anónima
Describe your Company and attract Business opportunities (CNAE09) Comercio al por mayor de equipos electrónicos y de telecomunicaciones y sus componentes (4652)
Corporate capital 10,000,000 EUR
CIF A08513178
VAT no ESA08513178
No employees 190 Employees
Kompass ID? ES1004164
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Presentation - CIRCUTOR SA

ACTIVITY CIRCUTOR SA has focused its activity on the design, manufacture and marketing of electrical energy efficiency equipment. Equipment used for energy measurement and control purposes, power factor compensation and filtration of harmonics and perturbances, and industrial electric protection. Panel and portable power analyzers, electric energy meters, billing energy meters, power quality analyzers, earth leakage relays, self-reclosing earth leakage relays automatic c apacitor banks, harmonic filters, reactors for filtering and smart electric vehicle chargind systems, renewable energie

Main activity:

Measurement and Control
  • Fixed power analyzers
  • Measuring current transformers and shunts
  • Control devices
  • Energy management software
  • Portable power analyzers
  • Digital instruments
  • Analogue instruments
  • Multi-function electrical energy meters
  • Partial consumption energy meters
Protection and Control​
  • ​Industrial earth leakage protection
  • Earth leakage and circuit breaker protection with reclosing system
  • Relays and control elements
  • Protection current transformers
  • Measuring and verification units
Power factor correction and harmonic filtering​
  • ​Reactive energy regulators
  • Low Voltage Capacitors and Reactors
  • Low-Voltage Capacitor Banks
  • Harmonic filters
  • Medium Voltage Capacitors and Equipment and Accessories
  • Medium Voltage Capacitor Banks
Smart electric vehicle charging
  • Outdoor electric vehicle charging
  • Indoor electric vehicle charging
Renewable energies
  • Instantaneous self-consumption
  • Self-consumption with storage
  • Units for photovoltaic applications


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Solutions for Own consuption (English)

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Solutions for Electrical Energy Eficiency (English)

8 pages

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MYeBOX Connected to efficiency (English)

12 pages

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Smart equipment and Systems for electric vehicle charging (English)

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CVM Power analyzers (English)

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Type: OHSAS ISO 18001:2007
Number OHS 140506-01
Expiry date: 25/01/2018
Type: UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008
Number QMS 140506-01
Expiry date: 25/01/2018
Type: UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004
Number EMS 140506-01
Expiry date: 25/01/2018
Type: ISO 50001:2011
Number EnMS 14506-A-01
Expiry date: 25/02/2018

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Sr Ferran Gil

Principal Executive/Proprietor (Gerente)

Sr Ramón Comellas

MD/Chief Operating Officer (Director General)

Sra Nuria Albinyana

Communications Director/Manager

Spoken languages  Spanish

Sr Salvador Castellá

Commercial Director/Manager (Director Comercial)

Sr Fran Carretero

Export Director/Manager (Director de Exportaciones)

Sr Bernat Garcia

Marketing Director/Manager

Spoken languages  Spanish, English

Sr Vicente Barra

Marketing Director/Manager

Spoken languages  Spanish


Previous news
  • Apr 12 2016

    RVE-QPC, Ultra-fast charging stations, compact, mode 4

    Date: April 12, 2016 12:00 AM

    Fast charging point for Combo2, CHAdeMO and 63 Aac electric vehicles.CIRCUTOR fast charging stations can charge electric vehicles in just a few minutes (15 ~ 30 min.) depending on battery capacity and charge level. The unit has a communications system (Ethernet, 3G, etc.) that allows for permanent connection with the remote control stations and logging of all the charging data along with real time control. The unit can also be remotely controlled and simply and efficiently managed.
  • Apr 12 2016

    RVE-WB, Car park boxes

    Date: April 12, 2016 12:00 AM

    There are different types of indoor car parks with different features and requirements for electric vehicle charging systems. Therefore, different electric vehicle charging systems might be required in each type of installation. Wall-boxes are vehicle charging boxes of the RVE range that have been designed to facilitate electric vehicle charging in indoor car parks, in compliance with the electrical safety regulations and in relation to access, measurement and management of consumption. CIRCUTOR offers solutions that are adapted to each type of car park, which includes single-family homes, neighbourhood associations, public car parks, shopping malls and hotel car parks, etc. These solutions are designed with equipment that can operate autonomously and communications equipment that offers specific functions through software that is adapted to each type of installation. Robustness to withstand rough handling, resistance to vandalism and easy installation were some of the main issues taken into account when designing these units. Furthermore, these units stand out due to their compact size and high level of built-in technology. The whole range of RVE units has been designed to offer electric vehicle users with a simple method to charge their vehicles wherever they are parked. Car park charging boxes used by many different users include an access and energy payment system with contactless smart cards. Therefore, the entire charging process can be easily completed by any user in just a few steps.
  • Apr 12 2016

    WiBeee, Consumption analyzer

    Date: April 12, 2016 12:00 AM

    Wibeee is a unit that monitors and gathers electrical data with the purpose of achieving theresponsible and efficient control of energy consumption. It is easily installed and fixed with a“clip”, based on the DINZERO patented system. This system can be used for easy installationof the unit on the top and bottom of an MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker). After installation, itwill start converting the measured parameters into information that will be sent via a Wi-Fi wireless connection.
    Wibeee can be installed on any single or three-phase supply point of the installation(consumption < 63 A), helping you detect any conflicting point in which energy is not beingefficiently used. Its ease of use and installation makes it an excellent choice for controllingthe consumption in the residential, tertiary or small and medium-scale industry sectors.
  • May 14 2014

    RGU-2 relay for earth leakage protection and monitoring

    Date: May 14, 2014 12:00 AM

    RGU2 is a compact ultra-immunized earth leakage relay, the only one on the market featuring a LCD screen and an LED bar in just two modules.   A solution that combines earth leakage trip prevention and indirect/direct contact protection. It is suitable for single-phase or three-phase installations with or without a neutral.   The LED bar indicating leakage as a percentage and the display showing it as a numerical value allow even unskilled personnel to quickly, easily and intuitively display the level of leakage, in order to:   - Avoid production or service stoppages that could result in substantial economic losses.  - Eliminate the risk of fire due to electric shock.  - Possibility of anticipating operating faults in order to execute corrective actions and prevent them from causing losses or damage.   Possibility of remote trips and rearms of the device by remote control, increasing ease and saving time. 
  • May 14 2014

    Complete Power factor energy regulator: Compensation, measurement and protection

    Date: May 14, 2014 12:00 AM

    In response to the rising trend of tighter and stricter penalties applied to the consumption of reactive energy, CIRCUTOR is getting ahead of the times by offering a smart compensation solution with the new computer SMART III.   Measurement with three current transformers ensures similar readings to those of the company energy meter. The computer SMART III reactive energy regulator is the only one on the market that in addition to traditional measuring with one current transformer adds the option to measure with three transformers. It also features all the functions of a complete power analyzer and enables control of residual leakage currents.   The option of using one or three transformers makes it the perfect regulator for any installation, as it enables:   ü  Changing from one to three transformers in the following cases: §  Modifications in reactive energy penalties §  Variations in consumption habits §  Significant current offsets by phases ü  Replacing the regulator in any existing capacitor bank   Moreover, computer SMART III is a regulator that guarantees excellent preventive maintenance by means of programming its alarms and capacitor status test options for the maximum supervision and safety of its compensation unit.
  • May 14 2014

    Power analyzer for 96x96 CVM-C10 panel

    Date: May 14, 2014 12:00 AM

    Continuing to innovate, Circutor offers a new solution in the field of power analyzers, presenting a panel with a more complete instantaneous parameter display, with electric consumption measurement and the possibility of viewing new parameters such as cost or CO2 emissions on the screen of the device.   The CVM-C10 is a power analyzer for Medium/Low voltage that can be installed in 600 kV and up to 10 kA systems. Its screen automatically scales all the parameters from K to M, "MEGAS".   It is a CVM with a broad range of electrical parameter displays, including voltages, currents and compound powers, or by phase, decomposition up to 31º harmonics, and energy consumptions.   Its interface with three capacitive buttons enables accessing multiple data monitoring screens quickly and easily, besides offering IP65 front panel protection, because the front panel is a single piece without fissures.   The "chip on glass" technology in its personalised display enables clear display of the values on screen.   The CVM-C10 provides the user more information and on the same view can show the % of use or load of the installation, as well as the maximum value it has reached. It also shows the cos_PHI or PF (selectable) value analogically, as well as any other three phase parameter or phase selected by the user.   It has three tariffs or consumption counters from three different sources, with their respective Cost or KgCO2" displays, according to the programming of the corresponding ratios.   It has the possibility of configuring its four digital outputs as alarm signals for any instantaneous parameter with all possible configurations. Minimum, maximum, hysteresis, connection / disconnection delays and LATCH or interlocking function.   It has the possibility of configuring its two digital outputs as impulse signals for any incremental parameter with all possible configurations. Impulse weight and configuration of the ON time of the impulse from 40 to 250 ms.    It has three bright white power and push key front panel led indicators, and a bright red Alarm led.
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