Price of the Product

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Technical Details

1. Antibiosis : >99.9%  (ATCC 6538P, ATCC 4352)
2. Mite repellent rate : > 90% (BOKEN  JIS-L 1920)
3. Durability for washing : Washing10times (based on Japan: 50% or more) 
(Cautions: It is required to test washing durability in advance depending on processing conditions and fabric kinds)

Category of the Product

Description of the Product

1. Mechanism : Access and inhabitation inhibition(inhibition of accessing to fiber product)/BIO onvergence new patented technology 
2. Naturality : Environment-friendly phytoncide extract harmless to human body
3. High Safety: Safety verification(Not detect oral toxicity, skin irritation, mutation, harmful  19 ingredient)  / UK Allergy Mark
4. Multi functionality : Atopy prevention, asthma prevention, rhinitis prevention, bacterial disease prevention 
5. Highly durable : Washing 10times (Japan)