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Price of the Product

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Technical Details

1. Anti-biotics : >99.9% (KSK 0693)
2. Option
   Deodorization: >70%
   (ammonia gas detection) / pH oxidization
3. Light heating : 3~5℃ or more rise 
   (Laundry durability: 30 times)
4. Moisture absorption and heating : 0.5~2.5℃ up
5. Contact heating/ insulation

Category of the Product

Description of the Product

1. Produce comfortable and healthy environment by multi-functions to live healthy life.
2. Solar light condensation and heating by Multi-CNT Nano matter (3~5℃)
3. Feel refreshed by absorption and quick drying.
4. Natural element (containing red pepper seed) has heating and insulation. (contact heating and metabolism at change of human 
   body blood flow.)
5. Anti-biotic and deodorization controls bacteria inhabitation of fiber fabric as well as odor. 
6. Non-ion and pH stability product has good stability of mixture with fiber production.  
7. Laundry durability : 30 times(Cautions: It is required to test washing durability in advance depending on processing conditions and fabric kinds / Advance inspection of fabric color change)