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Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

1. Soil proof : Company's own test method / charcoal powder pollution measurement  method
2. Antibacterial : >99.9% (ATCC 6538, ATCC 4352)  
3. Prevention of static electricity : Friction to voltage 500 Volt or less (before washing)(option)
   ※ Based on Japan standards : 2,000~2,500 
      Volt or less
3. Deodorization : >70% (Ammonia Gas detector tube method)

Category of the Product

Description of the Product

1. Mechanism : Metaplasia improvement because nano-silica resin file forms on fiber 
2. High Safety : No irritation and harmless to skin with nano-silica and natural cationic ingredients harmless to human body  
3. Multi functionality : Soil proof(fine dust/yellow sand/pollen), antibacterial, deodorization (option), prevention of static electricity (option)
4. Highly durable : Washing 10 times or more (available to improve durability through adjusting contents of active ingredients)
   (Cautions: It is required to test washing durability in advance depending on processing conditions and fabric kinds)