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Price of the Product

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Technical Details

1. Heat generation and preservation : 0.5℃~2.5℃ increasing effect
2. Antibiosis: >99.9% (KSK0693, ATCC 6538, ATCC 4352)
3. Deodorization : >70% (Option) (ammonia Gas Detector tube method)
4. Moisture absorption and fast dry : Fast dry (Cautions: It is required spect functionality in advance depending on processing conditions and fiber)

Category of the Product

Description of the Product

1. Mechanism : Moisture absorption and heating   (moisture and sweat response)/BIO convergence new patented technology
2. Naturality : Natural environment-friendly chitosan food material harmless to human body/US FDA(NAMSA) safety certification
3. High Safety : KOREA FITI The Four safety evaluation/Same with ECO HOT
4. Multi functionality : Heat generation and preservation, odor disease prevention, moisture absorption fast dry comfort