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Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute Technology wants to contribute to domestic and international society.

DGIST, 333, Techno Jungang Daero, Hyeonpung-Myeon, Dalseong-Gun
Daegu 42988
South Korea

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Program for Start-up Enterprises in the 4th Industrial Revolution of 2019 to Promote Overseas Market Companies participate with a variety of great products This program is organized by "Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute&Technology" 1_Ciel inc. shuttle bus management system, shared se #About Ciel inc. We provide the best shuttle service through professional IoT solution and systematic management operation method. Our company runs a software development business that consists of experience and technological knowledge about LBS system based on IoT/M2M system. In the specialized fields of " shuttle bus management solution", we are confident that we are the leading companies in Korea, and we aim to develop the "best shuttle bus management solution" in the world. #Product 1)shuttle bus management service 2)shuttle bus sharing service #Contact Information Sales Department _ Mr SukJin Lee +82-2-3275-2018 / +82-10-8368-1092 #Web site 2_YEON SYSTEMS stereoscopic dermatoscope, Digital microscope, stereoscopic polarization microscope, stereoscopic 3D microscope, Portable stereoscopic polarization microscope. #About YEON SYSTEMS Vision fatigue-free monocular 3d medical microscope and disposable 3d celioscope Currently, the 3D medical microscope and 3D celioscope are using the binocular technology. Close-up shooting on a subject with a binocular technology causes binocular disparity which makes a person’s vision becomes severely fatique. When doctors encounter binolcular disparity, they usually report dizziness and discomfort. Also when doctors are working on precise surgeries, they have difficulty concentrating over a long period of time, which causes fatigue and vision problems. In addition, it is difficult to freely adjust the magnification or adjust the focus effectively because the optical axis is hard to control accurately on the left and right lenses. #Product 1)hannun 3D dermatoscope 2)hannun 3D polarization microscope #Contact Information CEO_Mr DOYEON PYO +82-2-2201-1064 / +82-10-5441-8588 #Web site 3_Mirint allergic rhinitis. #About Mirint Mirint is a company that makes a cure for allergic rhinitis. #Product 1)Mirint_Rhinitis therapy

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