2)KOWRAP® l Heat Shrinkable Sleeve of INNOCHEM CO., LTD.


Price of the Product

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Technical Details

  1. Provided in a bulk roll
  2. Customized composition of backing and adhesive on material and thickness
  3. Field-Friendly Installation
  4. Proven superior performance
  5. Superior aging condition & maintenance

  1. Flexibility & Convenience / Necessary length of sleeve cut on jobsite depends on diameter of the pipe; therefore, no large inventories are needed for unwanted sleeve size
  2. Engineered for different environments and stress / impact conditions
  3. No primer needed / Qucik application time / No heavy equipment needed
  4. Superior corrosion and sealing performance / Excellent Cathodic disbondment resistance / Excellent hot water immersion resistance / Great self-healing effect due to nature of adhesive material and high shrinkage effect
  5. Robust product but designed for easy handling without temperature sensitivity / No issue with storage condition and shelf life

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Description of the Product

KOWRAP® is a wrap-around heat shrinkable sleeve for complete corrosion prevention system
of the field girth weld joint in various distribution and transmission networks for operating
temperature up to 40℃(A30M) or 65℃(E60M). The system is designed to be applied with minimum preheating of the pipe, and it is composed of cross-linked polymer backing and heat sensitive viscoelastic sealant adhesive. The installation is applied on cleaned, pre-heated and dried pipe surface without any primer being required. During application, KOWRAP® is wrapped tightly by allowing torch treatment to form shrinkage around a field joint. During recovery stage, softened mastic adhesive flows to form a perfect bond with the pipe surface providing absolute protection against corrosion. The system’s cross-linked polymer outer layer backing becomes high impact resistant against possible external stress and damage, and it also prevents moisture transmission resulting in the beginning of corrosion growth. The system is compatible with general pipe coating materials (PE, PP, FBE, PU, Coal Tar, Tape, Asphalt and etc.) which makes wide range of use.