CA2005-PKW Colour Coded Thermometer and Probe Kit with Wallmount Holder of TME Thermometers, Temperature Sensors and Probes


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Description of the Product

A complete waterproof Catering Thermometer Kit with full set of 6 colour coded Needle Probes and hygienic stainless colour coded wall storage unit. Designed to reduce the risk of bacterial cross contamination between different food groups.
Comprises of:
• CA2005 Digital Catering Thermometer
• 1 x CAP-R Red Needle Probe
• 1 x CAP-B Blue Needle Probe
•  1 x CAP-Y Yellow Needle Probe
•  1 x CAP-G Green Needle Probe
• 1 x CAP-W White Needle Probe
• 1 x CAP-BR BrownNeedle Probe
• 1 x CAWALLMOUNT Holder

Price of the Product

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