Description of the Product

Hydraulic Scrapers, or hydraulic wipers, are installed in the sealing configurations of hydraulic cylinders to wipe any dirt, foreign particles, chips, moisture, etc. from the piston rods as they are retracted into the system. A hydraulic scraper prevents contamination of the hydraulic medium which would otherwise damage wear rings, seals and other components. Contamination is one of the primary causes of seal and component failure in a fluid power system.
Depending on the application and the sealing system, single or double-acting scrapers can be used. They differ quite distinctly in their functions. Single-acting scrapers are designed to prevent contamination from the outside while double-acting scrapers have the additional function of optimizing the sealing system and scraping off the existing residual fluid film to avoid any external leakage.
In order to satisfy an array of technical and economic demands, offers a wide range of scrapers with optimized geometries and made with high-quality materials.