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Sunson Industry Group Co., Ltd. is a recognized leader, engaged in exploring, researching, manufacturing and marketing the enzyme industry in China and in the world.
In 1996, Sunson started enzyme business in China. After a decade with our full efforts, Sunson has grown to be a group enterprise with 2 R&D centers, 4 manufacturing bases, over 30 branches and subsidiary companies, and more than 5...

Product description

Introduction :
Nutrizyme® CEA (Acid Cellulase) [EC] is made from a refined strain of Trichoderma reesei through liquid fermentation and extraction technology.
This product can hydrolyze 1, 4-beta-D-

Technical Details

Definition of unit :
1 unit of cellulase equals to the amount of enzyme, which degrades 4 mg/ml sodium carboxymethyl cellulose to release 1 μmol reducing sugar (in glucose) in 1 min, at 37℃ and pH 5.5.

Enzyme  Activity (CMC)≥2800u/g~10,000u/g.

Appearance : White or Yellowish Powder

Used for complete feed               Dosage: (g/MT of complete feed)
≥2800 u/g                                    15-25
≥5,000 u/g                                   10-20
≥10,000 u/g                                 5-10
Dilute the con- centrated enzyme before usage.

Functions & Benefits:
As a feed additive, it improves animal’s digestibility and immunity; increases its weight gain, milk yield and laying performance.
1. Destroy the structure cell wall of the botanical feed, completely release the nutrients, and increase the nutrients digestion and absorption.
2. Reduce viscosity of intestinal tract chyme, eliminate its anti-nutritional factors, and enhance animal performance.
3. Improve the micro-ecosystem in the animal intestinal tract, prevent trophism diarrhea.
4. Improve the feed uniformity, reduce the quality difference of feed product caused by feedstuff raw material quality variation.
5. Reduce the nutrients in the animal excrement; improve the animal house environmental sanitation.
Advantages :
1. Produced by advanced liquid deep fermentation and extraction technology;
2. Fermented from single microbial strain, different enzymes work together with good cooperativity;
3. Thermo-resistant, wide pH range, working effectiv- ely in animal intestinal tract;
4. Highly concentrated, great cost saving.


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