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Description of the Product

                              Nutrizyme® LTAA (low-temperature α-amylase)
Introduction :
Nutrizyme® LTAA (low-temperature α-amylase) [EC] is made from the strain of Bacillus subtilis through fermentation and extraction technology. It can catalyze the hydrolysis of starch efficiently.
By acting at random locations along the starch chain, α-amylase breaks down long-chain carbohydrates, ultimately yielding maltotriose and maltose from amylose, or maltose, glucose and "limit dextrin" from amylopectin. α-Amylase tends to be faster-acting than β-amylase. In animals, it is a major digestive enzyme and its optimum pH is 6.0.

Price of the Product

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Technical Details

Definition of unit :
1 unit of α-amylase equals to the amount of enzyme which liquidizes 1g of soluble starch at 60℃ and pH6.0 in 1h.
Enzyme Activity : ≥1,500u/g ~3,000u/g
Appearance : Brown Powder
Used for Complete feed         Dosage: (g/MT of complete feed)
≥1500 u/g                               30-60
≥3000 u/g                                15-30
Dilute the concentrated enzyme before usage.

Functions & Benefits:
Exhibits strong liquefying activity for starch, hydr- olyzing amylose (~40%) and amylopectin (~35%). Acting upon amylose, the substrate is readily hydrolyzed to oligosaccharides smaller than maltohexaose. The anomalous glucosidic linkages in amylopectin and glycogen are not attacked, yielding limit dextrins composed of 5-8 glucose units.
Advantages :
1.This product is calcium metalloenzyme, completely unable in the absence of calcium.
2.The Ca++ improves the stability of activity for the α-amylase, keeps active in a wide range of pH; otherwise the activity range in pH extremely reduces.
Package & Storage:
1.Packaging specification: 25KG/Bag
2. The shelf life is 12 months under 20℃.
3. Damp and insolation should be avoided. Store it in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

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