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Description of the Product

Product description
This product is used in raw coffee bean degumming process and it is composed of several enzyme preparations refined by fermentation of fine strains.
Principle of action
This product is composed of various natural enzyme preparations such as pectinase, pectinlyase and cellulase. The enzymatic protein-catalyzed decomposition of coffee pectin into water-soluble pectin replaces the traditional natural fermentation degumming process and mechanical degumming process. The degumming period of natural fermentation process is greatly shortened. Compared with the mechanical degumming process, there is no loss rate of beans, which improves the yield of coffee beans and reduces the difficulty of subsequent cleaning and drying cycle. Also, it is safe, green and pollution-free.
Product Standards
This product implements the relevant provisions of GB26687-2011 "General Rules for Food Additives for Food Safety National Standards".
Product Features
Appearance: light yellow solid powder.
Product component: pectinase, pectinlyase and cellulase
Action condition
Temperature:  15 °C - 6 5 °C.
Optimum temperature 30 °C - 60 °C,
pH value:  2.5-6.0.
Optimum pH value 3.0 -4.0, 
u          Replace the traditional natural fermentation process, significantly reducing the degumming time;
u      Pectin can be removed more thoroughly and washed more easily that reduce water consumption;
u          The length of degumming is fixed to avoid excessive fermentation;
u          Reduce the loss of bean and increase the yield of coffee beans;
u          Shorten the drying time of raw beans and reduce the rate of mildew;
u          Improve the flavor of commercial coffee beans.
This product is used in the degumming process of coffee green bean. Soak the peeled coffee bean completely in water and add 300g of this product per ton of coffee green bean. Mix well and make sure that this product is in uniform adhere to coffee green bean. The washing process can be started after 2 to 3 hours of foaming. Since the enzyme preparation is active protein, the temperature and pH value should be controlled during the degumming process to avoid loss of activity.
Recommended dosage and method
1. Recommended dosage: 200-300g (200-300ppm) of coffee bean per ton, the specific dosage can be determined according to the small test situation.
2. Dissolve the product in water, then soak the coffee bean in the water and stir. The degumming will be finished after 2-3 hours.
Product Safety
Enzymes are proteinaceous substances that can cause allergic reactions when inhaled by people who is allergic constitution. Prolonged exposure may irritate the skin, eyes and mucous membranes. It is recommended to wear a mask protection during operation.
After each bottle opening, if not used, the bottle cap should be tightened and stored in the dark to avoid loss of effective active ingredients.
 packaging: 25kg / drum; 1125 kg/drum
u          This product is an active biological preparation. It should be protected from light, low temperature, dry and ventilated during transportation and storage.
u      The original product has a shelf life of 12 months in a cool and dry environment; the shelf life of a dry environment at 5°C-15°C is 24 months.

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