Hemi-cellulase enzyme for food industry SBE-02X of Sunson Industry Group Co., Ltd.


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Description of the Product

SBE-02X is made from the best strain of Aspergillus niger through cultivation and extraction technique. It is a kind of purified highly concentrated hemi-cellulase. SBE-02X can substitute the emulsifier, or cooperate with it.
The product is produced according to the food grade enzyme standard issued by FDA, FAO, WHO and UECFA, which is in accordance with the FCC. It can be applied in the flour treatment for the production of tailored flour, and it can also be applied for improving baking and steaming quality.

Price of the Product

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Technical Details

Appearance: powder with good fluidity
Colour: dark
Odour: Normal microbian fermentation odour
pH: 5.0-7.0
Activity Temperature : 40-60℃
Enzymatic Activity: ≥3,800,000 u/g

Definition of unit
1 unit of hemi-cellulase equals to the amount of enzyme, which hydrolyzes xylan to get 1 μg of reducing sugar (in xylose) in 1 min. at 50℃ and pH5.0.

1kg*10/drum; 25kgs/bag

1.  Improve the size of leaven dough;
2.  Improve the interior form and fermenting performance of dough;
3.  Improve the machine processing performance of dough;
4.  Slow down the aging speed of the bread, prolong the shelf life. 

Should be stored in a cool, dry place, aeration, avoiding high temperature.

Shelf life
12 months at 25℃, 24 months at 5℃-15℃ activity remain ≥90%; Increase dosage after shelf life.

1. When mixing the product with flour or starch, please dilute it at 1:10 gradingly;
2. Keep the package hermetic if the product is not completely used.

1-3g/100kgs of flour (10-30ppm). The optimum dosage depends on the quality of flour. Test to decide the final dosage. Overuse will descend the water holding capability of dough.

Enzyme preparations belong to protein, which may induce sensitization and cause allergic type reactions in sensitized individuals. Prolonged contact may cause minor irritation for skin, eyes or mucous membrane of nose, so any direct contiguity with human body should be avoided. If irritation or allergic response for skin or eyes develops, consult a doctor.