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Description of the Product

Introduction :
Nutrizyme® β-mannanase [EC] is made from a refined strain of Bacillus lentus through advanced liquid fermentation and extraction technology.
Mannan exists widely in the botanical feed. Especially, in palm kernel meal, soybean meal, and sesame meal, etc. It can increase the viscosity of digesta and affect digestion and absorption of nutrients and so on. β-Mannanase is a kind of hemicellulose hydrolase which can destroy β-1,4-glycosidic bond, and degrade β-mannan, galactomannan and gluco-mannan into mannan-oilgosaccharide and mannose. Meanwhile, it can reduce anti-nutritional effects of mannan and decrease digesta viscosity.

Price of the Product

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Technical Details

Definition of unit :
1 unit of β-mannanase equals to the amount of enzyme which hydrolyzes 3mg/ml mannan solution to get 1μmol reducing sugar (mannose basis) in 1min (u), at 37℃ and pH5.5.

Enzyme  Activity ≥3, 000 u/g~25,000 u/g

Appearance : Yellowish Powder

Used for complete feed            Dosage: (g/MT of complete feed)
≥3,000 u/g                                15-30
≥10,000 u/g                              3-8
≥25,000 u/g                              2-4
Dilute the concentrated enzyme before usage.

As a feed additive, it can improve feed utilization and animal growth performance.
1. Degrade mannan in feed ingredients and eliminate anti-nutritional effect of mannan, increase the feed digestibility;
2. Destroy cell wall structure of botanical feed, release the nutrients, and increase nutrient digestion and utilization; 
3. Reduce viscosity of intestinal tract chyme, increase intestinal nutrients’ digestion and absorption;
4. The degradation product mannan-oilgosaccharide  can Improve the intestinal microorganism flora and regulate the immune system;
5. Enhance animal performance and reduce the cost of feed production.
6. Reduce the nutrients in the animal excrement; improve the animal house environmental sanitation.

Advantages :
1. Produced through advanced liquid fermentation and extraction technology;
2. Thermo-resistant, wide pH range, high activity, catalyzing effectively in animal intestinal tract;
3. Highly concentrated and cost saving.

1.Packaging specification: 25KG/Bag.
2. The shelf life is 12 months under 20℃.
3. Damp and insolation should be avoided. Store it in a cool, dry and ventilated place. 

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