Phytase enzyme for animal feed Nutrizyme®PHY-P (Phytase Premier I) of Sunson Industry Group Co., Ltd.


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Description of the Product

Nutrizyme®PHY-P (Phytase Premier I) [EC] is produced from  Aspergillus niger  through advanced fermentation and extraction technology.
It is thermostable and good  tolerant to pepsin and trypsin. It can break down the undigestible  phytic acid (phytate) and release digestible  phosphoruscalcium and other nutrients. As an animal feed additive used in poultry and swine, it can enhance the nutritive value by liberation of inorganic phosphate from phytic acid (myo-inositol hexakisphosphate) , thereby, reduce phosphorus  pollution to the environment.

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Technical Details

1 unit of phytase equals to the amount of enzyme, which liberates 1 μmol of inorganic phosphorus in 1 min, from 5.0mmol/L sodium phytase at 37℃ and pH5.0
Phytase activity:5000 u/g, 10,000 u/g
Products can be customized according to customer ‘s demand.
APPEARANCE : White or Yellowish powder 

1.     Enzyme properties at different pH conditions
The optimum pH of Sunson Phytase Premier I was 3.5 and the pH range was from 2.5 to 5.5. Compared to the current mainstream phytase in international market, Sunson phytase Premier I showed higher activity between pH2.5 to 5.5, which was more suitable for the digestion of phytic acid in animal gastrointestinal tract.
2. Temperature stability
The activity of Phytase Premier I could maintain 80% or more, which results showed the phytase had a very good heat resistance.

3. Stability under the feed pelleting process
An experiment was conducted in a feed factory in Shandong province. The phytase was fixed with the  swine’s feed, conditioned for 90s at 85℃、0.4MPa and pelleted for 10s in a Modulator (AG,CH-9240, Bühler Co., Wuxi China), testing the thermostability during feed pelleting process.

Phytase Premier I maintained high activity under feed pelleting process.

4. Tolerance to endogenous protease
Compared to the current mainstream phytase in international market, Sunson phytase Premier I has a better resistance to endogenous protease.

5. Phosphorus release capacity
The phytase was mixed with soybean meal, incubated at 40℃ for 4h at pH 3.0, then transfered to pH 6.5, 40℃ for 4h. Phosphorus release was determined as below.
Results showed Phytase Premier I had much higher phosphorus release capacity than the mainstream phytase.
1.     Effectively hydrolyze  phytic acid in the plant materials, increase the phosphorus utilization rate of feed raw material;
2.     Reduce the dosage of inorganic phosphorus and save cost of animal feed.
3.     Break phytanate frame, release nutrients, like: starch, protein, mineral elements, increase the utilization rate;
4.     Improve the absorption phosphorus and reduce environmental pollution.
1.     Produced through advanced liquid fermentation and extraction technology;
2.     Good resistance to endogenic protease and gastric acid;
3.     Thermostable, wide pH range, catalyzing effectively in  in animal gastrointestinal tract.
4.     Even granular, appropriate grain size, blend equally;
5.     Highly concentrated and cost saving 
1. Packaging specification: 25 KGS/Bag.
2.The shelf life is 12 months under 20℃.
3. Damp and insolation should be avoided. Store it in a cool, dry and ventilated place.
Note:The Mainstream phytase means the current mainstream phytase in international market. 

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