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Description of the Product

Introduction :
Nutrizyme®PHY (phytase) [EC] is made from Aspergillus niger through advanced fermentation and extraction technology.
It can break down the undigestible phytic acid(phytate) found in

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Technical Details

Definition of unit :
1 unit of phytase equals to the amount of enzyme, which liberates 1 μmol of inorganic phosphorus in 1 min, from 5.0mmol/L sodium phytase at 37℃ and pH5.0

Enzyme  Activity :
Phytase ≥5,000-100,000u/g;
Thermostable phytase ≥5,000-50,000u/g;
Products can be customized according to customer ‘s demand.
Appearance : White or Yellowish powder

Used for Complete feed        Dosage: (g/MT of complete feed)
                                           ≥5000 u/g    ≥10,000 u/g     ≥50,000 u/g  ≥100,000 u/g
Swine                                 100                55                     11                  5.5
Broiler                                100                55                     11                  5.5
Layer                                  60                  35                     7                    3.5
Meat duck                         100                 55                    11                   5.5
Dilute the concentrated enzyme before use.

Functions & Benefits:
1.     Effectively hydrolyze

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