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Technical Details

<Product Lines>
INNOWRAP 700 - Liquid Adhesive
INNOWRAP 710 - Joint Wrap
INNOWRAP 730 (2ply) - Inner Layer for Corrosion Prevention
INNOWRAP 740 - Outer Layer for Mechanical Protection
INNOWRAP - 750 (3ply) - Inner Layer for Corrosion Prevention  
INNOWRAP 790 - Filler Mastic Tape & Filler Putty
INNOWRAP HWT - Portable Hand Wrapping Tools

<Features & Benefits>
· Genuine co-extrusion manufacturing process:
    Product uniformity
    The highest inner cohesive strength
    Zero delamination effect
    Roll consistency – No lapped rolls

· Complies with International coating standards:
    ISO 21809-3
    DIN EN 12068 C50 & B30
    AWWA C214-00 & C209-00

· Providing 100% adhesion in 24 hours

· Designed to absorb the impact without cracking

· Superb high stress class resistant

· Complete adhesion resulting reduced cathodic protection requirement

· Offering the Industry’s lowest water vapor penetration

· UV resistance available for above ground installation

· Engineered to meet wide range of pipeline coating project

· Guaranteed results following with the proper application procedures

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Description of the Product

INNOWRAP®, the long-term corrosion prevention cold applied tape coating system, is applied on external surface of above & underground pipelines, joints, fittings, and specialty sections in oil, gas, water, petrochemical, and power plant industries.
It is composed of polyethylene backing and butyl rubber adhesive made by the state-of-the-art technology, The Co-Extrusion Process. As a result, it offers the highest degree of uniformity, inner cohesive strength, and superb elastic performances that are highly adaptive to changes in temperature and soil stress which has been proved over 40 years. Furthermore, it is designed and supplied in a roll shaped tape form providing ease of hand or hand-held portable wrapping tool application in various field conditions which no other products can be substituted. It has a series of coating systems designed to fit new construction pipes to reconditioning of existing pipelines. The system complies with the requirements of ISO 21809-3, DIN EN 12068 C-50 & B-30, AWWA C214-00 & C209-00 and other international standards.