4)K1-CURE SCALP TONIC SERUM l hair loss prevention of KARASADAE CO.,LTD


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Scientific Scalp Care K1-CURE ; combined Science and nature to deliver Professionalism to whoever use. Our Rejuvenating Scalp Serum is aimed to help accelerate the results of Hair Thinning Therapy System. Our exclusive Certified ingredients from KFDA powered formula helps strengthen of thinning hair and boost volume while helping reduce scalp dandruff, itching, and irritation.

Contains effective DHT blocker Nettle, Saw-palmetto, and L-Arginine & Gingko helps to promote blood circulation for new growth of Hair. Provide gradual volume up on Hair root.

Spray enough amount into scalp leaving it. Optimal results are attained using daily.

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4. K1-CURE Scalp Tonic Serum
[Anti- Hair loss Functional Shampoo Certified by KFDA]
[Venture Innovative Governmental Service Procurements ]
[Hi Seoul Best Idea Product]

· Anti - Hair loss functional Ingredients such as I-menthol, Salicylic Acid etc
· Nourishing hair follicle to be reactivated for healtier hair grow
· Improve cycle of hair grow
· Cooling effect and relaxing stress
· Before blow dry, spray whole scalp and massge gently for better absorption

※ Recommended for Heat & troubled scalp
※ For Hair loss
※ Genetic Hair loss
※ Thinning hair
※ Alopecia Areata