Machining centre C 400 of Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG


Description of the Product

The C 400 is a dynamic machining centre offering perfect entry into 5-axis/5-side machining.   The C 400 machining centre is based on Hermle's proven core expertise in 5-axis technology. Powerful and dynamic - it reliably meets the demands of the market - precisely and convincingly.

The mineral casting machine bed promotes stable, vibration-free machining.

The C 400 features a large working area with a small installation area and can be ergonomically adapted to every machine operator - thus ensuring optimum ease of use.

Numerous features ensure cost-effective production. The C 400 machining centre is intended for high performance, large-scale machining of workpieces to high accuracy and surface quality.

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

Traverse X-axis : 850 mm
Traverse Y-axis : 700 mm
Traverse Z-axis : 500 mm
Rapid linear traverses X-Y-Z : 35-35-35 m/min
Linear acceleration X-Y-Z : 6 m/s²
Linear feed force X-Y-Z : 7000 N
Max. vertical table clearance : 625 mm
Max. workpiece diameter : Ø 650 mm
Max. workpiece height : 500 mm