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Reference : 0004513140

Classification: Online retailers/e-commerce


December 26, 2021

I am in search of a (preferably Dutch) or close to the Netherlands supplier for new business opportunities with Direct Shipping business model. Various products of yours will be exclusively put on the market via our branded eCommerce website and we will lead the acquisition of new and existing customers. I am in search of a supplier for a long-life partnership build on trust where both parties will grow upon.
Reference : 0004461033

Classification: Sugar


November 27, 2021

We are looking for supplier of white sugar Icumsa 45. We have demand for 12500 mts to Mersin port Turkey.
Reference : 0004402154

Classification: Curtains and blinds


November 4, 2021

Dear mister/madam, We are looking for a manufacturer in Europe of wooden shutters, also called plantation shutters.
Reference : 0004376202

Classification: Wholesale trade


October 24, 2021

Hi Im searching for a supplier in europe who xan provide me : Nutella Sunflower oil Tuna oil Regards Hamza
Reference : 0004289226

Classification: Clothes for men


September 11, 2021

Hello, My name is Rodin Demirtas and I am the purchase manager of BSNSS located in Arnhem in the Netherlands. We are a starting clothing company looking for a partnership with a manufacturing company. For now we want to manufacture and sell T-Shirts, Polos and Hoodies. In the future we may want to expand the clothing line. We have made the designs and logos for the clothing we want to make. So if you are interested in working together, we can send you our designs. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Rodin Demirtas, Purchase manager OUR ORDER: - Hoodies(80% cotton, 20% polyester) o White, 10 pcs S, 10 pcs M, 5 pcs L o Black, 10 pcs S, 10 pcs M, 5 pcs L o Red(#be1e28), 10 pcs S, 10 pcs M, 5 pcs L - T-Shirts(100% cotton) o White, 10 pcs S, 10 pcs M, 5 pcs L o Black, 10 pcs S, 10 pcs M, 5 pcs L o Red(#be1e28), 10 pcs S, 10 pcs M, 5 pcs L - Hoodies(100% cotton) o White, 10 pcs S, 10 pcs M, 5 pcs L o Black, 10 pcs S, 10 pcs M, 5 pcs L o Red(#be1e28), 10 pcs S, 10 pcs M, 5 pcs L

Classification: Hearing aids


August 3, 2021

Looking importer, wholesaler, retailer & distributor
Reference : 0004230089

Classification: Toys and games, plastic


July 29, 2021

Wij zijn op zoek naar leveranciers in speelgoed , huishoudelijk en seizoensproducten
Reference : 0004204626

Classification: General merchants


July 14, 2021

Hello, I am Adheesh Raghoe from the Netherlands. I am the co-owner of the company SASupply and we are active in the e-commerce industry. We try to offer our customers the best products and experience. When we work together with companies, we want to build a long term relationship that is fruitful for everyone. We are looking for a manufacturer or supplier for motorcycle covers. The motorcycle cover needs to be durable. It has to have a lock hole opening and it would be nice if the cover has a buckle strap. This will prevent the cover from blowing away by the wind. I hope to hear soon and looking forward to the quotations!
Reference : 0004154403

Classification: Beers


June 16, 2021

Reference : 0004116148

Classification: Belts and webbing, textile


May 25, 2021

I am looking for a producer who can make a product for me. I would like to design dog collars, harnesses and leashes and sell them under my own brand name. I would like to know what is possible, how much time this will take and what the costs are
Reference : 0004094467

Classification: Bags and sacks, plastic


May 11, 2021

We are looking for a supplier that can make a combination of a plasticbag and a plastic glove
Reference : 0004096187

Classification: Storage services for liquids


May 10, 2021

We are looking for reliable and credible Petroleum Products Storage tank Companies
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