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Elimtek Co., Ltd.

We know safety is most important as a medical device manufacturer.

R401, SKn Techno Park Bizcenter, 124, sagimakgol-ro Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si
Gyeonggi-do 13207
South Korea

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HIFU, RF device, laser slimming device, lifting, skincare

#Company Introduction
Elimtek has been through a lot of development and transition for not a long time.
We will make an effort to provide best products and service for customers not only in the field of disease treatment but in the field of beauty care. Elitmtek has Radio Frequency (RF), Laser, HIFU, and Plasma technologies, and develops and manufactures not only medical devices but also beauty devices using this technology.
HERACARE is a high frequency stimulator that consists of RF Vacuum for skin lifting, body shape management, RF Bar for feminine contraction effect and low frequency stimulator for muscle vitality. 
ELFU is a medical equipment that using highly focused ultrasound(HIFU), transfer thermal energy under skin deep of 1.5 ~ 4.5mm.
HERASHAPE makes the temperature of subcutaneous fat rise up to 42~47℃ by using 1060nm 50W of high-power laser energy and induces apoptosis mechanism with the principle of hyperthermic treatment so gets the body for between 8 weeks and 12 weeks.

The Product Line : Medical equipment
1)HERASHAPE l Laser Irradiator
2)HERACARE l Multi RF Stimulator
3)ELFU l skin lifting
4)HiPro l beauty device
5)White l Personal Vaginal Treatment

# Strength
HERASHAPE : Enhance on lipolysis effect by simultaneous application of 635nm (LLLT) & 1060nm (Our own manufacture for core parts in device)                                                                                                
HERACARE : Only one vaginal all in one RF System device equipped with multi function (Our own manufacture for core parts in device)
ELFU : Fast speed & the realization of exact ultrasound energy transfer make less pain with the better efficacy in treatment and practitioner & patient-friendly device.

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RF device
laser slimming device

General Information

Year established 2012
Co.Registration No 129-86-76052
Type of company Head Office
Fax +82 31 744-2627
Website http://www.elimtek.co.kr



    We will make an effort to provide best products and service for customers not only in the field of disease treatment but in the field of beauty care.

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Area : Asia-Pacific, West. Europe
Country : China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Italy


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    ISO13485, LVD CE EN 60335-2-23, EN60335-1, EN 62233

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    20 Employees

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    20 Employees


  • 2018

    2,000,000 USD

  • 2017

    1,500,000 USD

  • 2016

    3,000,000 USD

  • 2015

    5,000,000 USD

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Executive information

Seung Jun Lee


Choon Sang Do

Director (General Manager)

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May 31 2019
New product

Elimtek Persaonl HIFU will come out

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