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Nordic Tekstils, Ltd

We specialize in classic men's shirt and women's blouse production. We produce shirts and blouses for uniforms. We produce ...

Proalifing, Ltd

The company was founded in 2003 year and it is specialized on the manufacture of waterproof clothing. Due to its design and ...


National costumes, folk costume production, sale, rental, arts and crafts. Woolen shawls, folk blouses, skirts, flower chaplets, folk ...

Eva, Ltd

Riga scientific production firm "EVA" has been operating in Latvian market since 1992, starting his work as uniforms items (sewn ...

Litex-Riga, Ltd

Sewing company "Litex-Riga" has been operating since 1992, and to date has proven itself as a stable high-quality women's ...

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