Facial Cleanser_Marchen Color Bean Cleanser of CNKCOSMEDICAL CO., LTD.


Description of the Product

1. For all skin types
: Fine powder and nutritious ingredients cleanses the skin.
2. Exfoliating+Cleansing color make-up and the hands+Shampooing+Scalp care+Taking a shower
A multi functional cleanser available whenever you need
3. Just take this compact product when you go on a trip.
No need any remover/foam cleansing/shower gel/shampoo/soap. 

Vitamin C,E in it can make your skin tone bright after washing the face.
Green one is good for soothing the damaged skin. And it will be more efficient than before after peeling, shaving or waxing.
Deep hydration and peppermint's freshness can be provided for you.
Sebum can be easily discharged by widening blocked pores. 

(* The very efficiency corresponds to the efficiency  and effectiveness of the raw material itself.) 

When you wash the face: place a piece of bean, rub it with water and make bubbles as if you massage. After cleansing it, wash it off with tepid water.
For scalp care: Wet your hair and scalp with 1 or 2 beans and rub it on the scalp area that you need to care. Make bubbles by massaging with fingers and leave them for 1 or 3 minutes. After that, wash them off with warm water.
As taking a shower: make bubbles with a sponge by using 1 or 2 beans.