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Description of the Product

Elesa’s 60 plus page catalogue of industrial castors and wheels covers a greatly extended range – by almost 50% - especially focussed on the heavy duty end RE.F series with up to 25000 N dynamic carrying capacity. It is available free on application or by download from the website.

The heavy duty RE.F4-WEH features moulded on polyurethane wheels with forged steel fitting plate for extra heavy loads. Elsewhere, medium duty castors feature monolithic wheels or elastic rubber tyres over die-cast aluminium wheels.

Separate wheels are listed to complement each range, e.g. for where the installation calls only for a simple fixed shaft axle. In addition, moulded on polyurethane rollers are available with up to 10000 N dynamic capacity.

A comprehensive cross tabulation of wheels and brackets is included at the front of the catalogue to aid correct specification and coding.

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