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plasma surface treatment, air plasma, flame plasma, vaccum plasma

AETP (Advanced Engineering Technology Provider) was established in May 2014 with the belief that it willgrow together with customers by supplying equipment and technology based on advanced engineering technology to the industrial field.
Especially, we specialize in plasma surface treatment and we are supplying equipments and technology to high-tech industrial field. We are also participating in various international exhibitions aiming at exportto all over the world and show the world's best plasma equipment and technology.In addition, eco-friendly ultrasonic cleaners, air nozzle cleaners, and automation equipment are also being produced and distributed in response to customer requests. It is a company with a short history, but as a result of our customers' enthusiasm and faith in technology.We have been exporting to USA, China, Vietnam, Mexico, Poland, Hungary, etc and we are working to grow into a global company together with overseas agents.
#MAIN PRODUCT : Surface treatment air plasmasystem

Introduces the world's best atmospheric plasma surface treatment equipment.
You can maximizes the surface energy of organic materials (plastic, rubber, etc.) by using the chemical properties of the air plasma without damaging the product for strong bondingwith chemicals (bond, paint, sealer, etc.).

And is used for cleaning the fine organic film remaining on the inorganic materials surface(glass, metal, etc.) and reducing the oxide film of the metal using the special gas. Also, you can using the polymerization coating option then you can make organic silane coating layer on any materials.

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Year established 2014
Co.Registration No 110-10-36783
Type of company Head Office
Fax +82 70 4773 2125
Website http://www.aetp.co.kr/

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Changhoon Lee

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

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Oct 15 2019
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