Machining centre C 42 of Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG


Description of the Product

5-axis/5-sided machining means the C 42 lends itself to be used in every application area.
With traverse paths adapted to the workpiece size and perfectly designed for 5-axis applications, the C 42 is ideal wherever complex, close-tolerance components are required.
This includes various applications in the tool and mould making, medical, aerospace, motorsport, machine sectors and other industries: The C 42 machining centre is at home in every area.
The space-saving circular tool magazine integrated into the base body of the machine works according to the pick-up principle - thus enabling quick tool changes. In the standard version, the C 42 can hold 42 tools and can be extended to 192 pockets. The control panel can be easily adjusted to the respective user.

Milling and turning in one clamping with the C 42 U MT dynamic model. Fully integrated rotary table that does not interfere with demanding milling processes and 5 axes simultaneously.

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

Traverse X-axis : 800 mm
Traverse Y-axis : 800 mm
Traverse Z-axis : 550 mm
Rapid linear traverse (dynamic) X-Y-Z : 45-45-40 m/min (60-60-60 m/min)
Linear acceleration (dynamic) X-Y-Z : 6 (10) m/s²
Linear feed force X-Y-Z : 8500 N
Max. vertical table clearance : 700 mm
Max. workpiece diameter : Ø 800 mm
Max. workpiece height : 560 mm