AC Drive_Moscon F50_32-bit micro processors and the latest sensorless vector control of RS Automation Co.,Ltd


Description of Product

It is equipped with essential peripheral devices and standard communication features, constant groups for each function, and various status monitoring features. It allows easy system configuration and operation and its compact and light design simplifies installation, maintenance and changing parts.-High performance and multiple control functions through 32-bit RISC micro processor
-Optimal performance through sensorless vector control and auto tuning
-Optimal acceleration/deceleration control through fully automated torque compensation and stall prevention for preventing motor stall
-Reduce system configuration cost and improve convenience with built-in dynamic braking device
-Availability of diverse speed commands including digital volume, analog input, embedded with 9 speeds and communications
-Various drive features including temporary frequency interruption, DC breaking, Up/Down drive, and frequency detection
-PID control feature (allows monitoring of 4 status variables of command, feedback, deviation, and output)
-Modbus-RTU communication and RS-485 communication features

Price of Product

Price not indicated