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Breathable films, breathable laminates SONTEK, non-breathable laminates - producer Fatra, a.s., Napajedla, Czech Republic 

Breathable films SONTEK F manufactured from highly filled polyethylene and breathable laminates SONTEK L manufactured by laminating breathable film and non-woven fabric are suitable for hygienic applications, the laminates are designed for use in the manufacture of disposable sanitary products - baby diapers, sanitary towels, incontinence pads and supplies for the chronically ill. Non-breathable laminates are manufactured by laminating non-breathable PE film and hydrophilic PP fleece or viscose – suitable for production of disposable health care products including disposable surgical masks (surgical drapes), surgical sets, patient pads etc. Breathable laminates are manufactured by laminating breathable PE film and viscose – suitable for manufacture of patient pads (protect the bed) and other applications.

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