Touch Panel_V9+ Series of RS Automation Co.,Ltd


Description of Product

V9 series take into capactive sensing type so that possible to have flexible operation. 
The fine can be represented by the 16.7 million color representation

Price of Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

Zooming In and Out with pinch, scrolling magnified imaged
--> Displayed image can be magnified up to 200% by pinching out the screen 
Abundant quantitiy of information
--> Displaying four times the screen size 
Wide screen LCD
--> High precision, High resolution widescreen
Enhanced Display capacity
--> True Type Fonts for clear expression 
--> 7-Segment Fonts for Realistic Expression
--> Improved 3D Parts enlargement function
--> Versatile Screen Transition Functions 
--> Video Player function
--> PDF Viewer function
--> Video/RGB Input-Output support
VNC Server and Wireless LAN