Scalp & Hair care system of KARASADAE CO.,LTD


Price of the Product

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Technical Details

1. Scaling Toner : 
Exfoliating dandruff and dirts on Scalp
- Clearing the pore
- Detoxicating
- Refreshing  

2. Scalp Shampoo : 
Anti-Hairloss Functional Scalp Shampoo by KFDA
-Mild bubbles
-Rebalance sebum
-Deep Cleansing
-Relive itch & dandruff
-Moisturizing Shampoo
-Designated by Governmental Service Procurement

3. Scalp Gel :
Scalp & Hair moisturized relief soothing treatment
-Moisturize with peptides
-Recovery for damaged Scalp & Hair
-KARASADAE’s signature technology helps to improve the scalp and hair condition simultaneously
-Easy use, all in one care

4. Scalp Tonic Serum :
Anti-Hairloss functional Scalp Tonic Serum by KFDA
-Strenghten the follicle
-Preventing Hairloss
-Thickening of hair
-Promoting Blood Circulation
-Anti-aging Scalp & Hair 

Category of the Product

Description of the Product

Professional Scalp & Hair care system_K1-CURE 
K1-CURE prevents hairloss functionally with professionalism, caring scalp and hair setting as 4 step products following with Scaling Toner - Scalp Shampoo - Scalp Gel - Scalp Tonic Serum. In your house, you can care your scalp and hair simultaneously yourself, as if managed by experts.