Feminine Hygienic Cleanser_HERMOSA Vella In of Novepharma Inc.


Description of the Product

HERMOSA Vella In (Feminine Hygiene care)is a hygiene care gel for feminine. It is a disposable syringe type and gel – free no ingredient, mainly composed of ingredients beneficial for woman’s health. It is mildly hypoallergenic. It helps to improve and prevent itching secretion and cold. Also it maintains low acidity (pH 3.5~5.0) and prevent alkalization. It can keep clean. The application method by exclusive applicator solves the concern of second infection caused by hand and secures sanitary safety by disposing individual packing style. It also provide convenience with simple usage. It has a streamlined design and a non-toxic material container that has no rejection of use. It has passed cytotoxicity, vaginal mucous stimulation, and sensation test through Korea Chemical Melt Transfer Research Institute.