Jellyfarm Microcell Silicone Makeup Puff (D500) of MPACPLUS


Description of Product

1. Jelly farm+ puff's application surfaces have 8,100 diamond shaped micro-cells that spreads and distributes cosmetic thinly on the skin to achieve uniformity and fast adhesion.
2. Hygienic, Economical
-Cosmetics are not absorbed in the puff and microorganisms do not exist.
-Unlike sponge puffs, so as to complete makeup with a third amount of cosmetics.
3. Convenient wash : It is perfectly waterproof and simply can be cleaned using wet tissues or flowing water.
4. Versatile
-Can be used in cream, gel, liquid type cosmetics including foundations, sunscreens, etc.
-It can be stores in the pact case due to its compact size.
-The package case can be used as a puff case.
 5. Skin-friendly
-It can be cooled by refrigerator or other cooler, so that cool silicone puff can massage, reduce pore size and eliminating swelling of the skin.
-It is made of silicone and polyurethane material harmless to human and can be used for a long time.
6. Selectivity : It is recommended to use the round type generally, and the peach type with pointed part if you need delicate touch for narrow area such as nose and eyes.
7. Let's forget the usage habits of existing sponge puffs when you use jellyfarm+ puff. After spreading cosmetics along the skin texture and tapping touch, the smooth and cohesive makeup can be completed (about 60 ~ 70% of the spreading process and 30 ~ 40% of the tapping process)

Price of Product

Price on request

Characteristics of the Product

  • Type Makeup Puff
  • Model D500
  • Dimension Orange(58 x 58 x 5(mm)), Peach(53 x 52 x 5(mm))
  • Weight 12g
  • Material Silicone, Polyurethane
  • Shape Orange,Peach
  • Brand jellyfarm
  • Guarantee 1 year

Technical Details

- Embossing microcells spread and distribute foundation thinly on skin to achieve uniformity and fast adhesion
- Retouch-makeup/Additional makeup is possible
- Hygienic because cosmetics are not absorbed into the puff
- Simply washable with a wet tissue or running water.
- Cosmetics Consumption: About 1/3 of sponge puffs
- Available for all creamy cosmetics
- Longer usable vs sponge puff
- Package usable as a storage case when unpacked