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Landeryds Mekaniska Verkstad AB


Lynga Mek AB

Contract metalwork, repairs and manufacture of silos.


Segezha Packaging A/S, Danmark

Paper sacks for refuse collection and source sorting.Paper sacks Complete filling and packing systems.

Diesel Power Sweden AB

Founded in 1991, Diesel Power AB is the Swedish distributor of some of the world's leading manufacturers of marine and industrial...

NÅ Formtextil AB

NÅ Formtextil AB manufactures moulded textile, textile panels, inner liner and needle felt. We are also experts on tape lamination and...

Nks-kemipumpar ab

Nks-kemipumpar AB is a reliable supplier of excentric screw pumps and associated equipment for paper & pulp, chemical, oil industries,...

Tomal AB

Tomal AB sell, construct, produce and deliver custom made metering equipment for solids including silos. We offer polymer make-up ...

ELJ - Bordet AB

We provide flexible folding tables and chairs for businesses, schools, offices, restaurants and cafés. Please contact us for more ...

Electron Crosslinking AB (ECAB)

Electron Crosslinking AB works with the development and manufacture of electron laser products for disinfection, curing, surface ...

NORDIC door ab

NORDIC door ab has manufacturing of industrial door systems for example high speed roll doors and automatic doors.Trademark: NORDIC ®

B.B.S. i Halmstad AB

B.B.S. i Halmstad AB is a manufacturer's agent for specialized Western European producers of steel, titanium and aluminium. ...

Walter Norden AB

Walter Norden AB works at developing solid carbide and high speed cutting tools. Please visit our website for more information about ...

Stegerud Steel AB

At Stegerud Steel AB we manufacture many types of gratings, scaffoldings and floorings that are used for staircases, ramps and simply ...

Brissmans Brandredskap AB

Firefighting and safety equipment.Personal equipment for firemen.Trademark: Brissmans

ADM Metodval AB


Stålprodukter i Halmstad AB

Skandinaviska IFAB Isolering AB

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